How to Develop Retrocognition

Can you look into the past? When you meet someone for the very first time, do you have the ability to know what they did in their past life?

If not, do you want to know how?

Retrocognition is the psychic ability to see or know the past of a particular person or object beyond the five senses. It’s like touching an object and you see images, feel emotions, or you suddenly “know” about its previous owner; or you meet someone and you have these images that they did something wrong without you having any prior information about that person.

Retrocognition comes from two Latin words, “retro,” which means “backwards,” and “cognition,” which means “knowing.” Thus, retrocognition means backward knowledge of a person, event, place, or object. And if you think only mystics, fortune tellers, and psychics can tell someone’s past, then you’re in for a big surprise.

By fine-tuning your innate psychic capacities and practicing these abilities, you will undoubtedly have the ability to read someone or something’s past.

Part 1:  Quiet Your Mind

Step 1: Meditate Every Day

Meditating can be as simple as closing your eyes and practicing deep breathing. 

  • Look for a place in your home where it’s quiet and nothing or no one can distract you.
  • Sit or lie down, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and empty your mind of any thoughts.
  • Simply breathe and allow yourself to feel your entire body breathing.

Meditating clears your mind from any distractions. When meditating becomes a habit, you are able to receive undiluted information that comes to you, which can include information from the past.

Step 2: Spend Time Alone

Step 1: Meditate Every Day

Spending time alone means you enjoy your own company. When you take time out for yourself, you dig deep into your thoughts and emotions, and you listen to your mind and body.  It is only when you quiet your mind that you are able to see, listen, and feel what’s surrounding you.

Examples could be:

  • listen to music by yourself, or
  • Read a book, or
  • Watch a movie on your own.

Step 3: Observe Your Surroundings

  • Look at people and things around you.
  • Notice every detail about them and just feel their energy.
  • Look at the color of their skin, or observe the way a table is shaped like, with its angles or curves. 

When you observe your surroundings with great detail, you are able to sense their energy, and energy, as what psychics believe, always have a story to tell. 

Step 1: Meditate Every Day

Part 2:  Engage in Psychic Practices

Step 1: Use Divination Tools

Once you’ve learned to meditate and quiet your mind, you can then practice to see and know the past of people or objects. You can start by using divination tools such as:

  • Use tarot cards to read someone’s past.  Tarot cards are a great way to know about a person’s past, present, and future, and can be a simple way of practicing retrocognition.
  • Use scrying with the use of a crystal ball, as used by fortune-tellers; or runes, which is an ancient form of the oracle.

Step 2: Undergo Hypnosis

Look for a trusted hypnotist that can allow your mind to travel back in time to discover your past life.  
Repressed memories can surface when you are under hypnosis, allowing you to experience your past as a spectator, rather than a participant.

This creates the very same scenario of those who actually have retrocognition abilities whenever they experience “witnessing” past events in the form of images or scenes being played out in their minds.

Step 3: Analyze Your Dreams

Most psychics receive information from the spiritual world in their dreams. During the state of dreaming, consciousness is not active, but the subconscious mind is still awake.  Consciousness can hinder our ability to receive the unknown as it operates under logic and the rationale. In dreaming, however, the laws of the universe simply do not come at play.

Dreaming states allow us to navigate the world without laws, expanding our mind and allowing the spiritual world to easily communicate with us.

As soon as you wake up, do the following:

  • write every detail of your dream that you can remember.
  • Try to see if it relates to your past, or if you dreamed about someone, ask them if the events that took
  • Place in your dream happened to them.
  • Take note of all your dreams that are actually correct.

Part 3:  Put Your Retrocognition Skills to the Test

Step 1: Exercise Retrocognition Through Psychometry

Psychometry is a form of retrocognition involving objects. When a psychic touches the object, he or she receives past information about the person who owns the object.

  • Ask a friend to bring you an object that belongs to a person you don’t know.
  • Feel this object, observe every detail about it, and retrieve the information you believe comes out of the said object.
  • Ask Yourself: What did you feel when you touched the object? When you closed your eyes as your hands felt its surface, what images did you see?
  • Take note of all these details, analyze what they could mean, and make an interpretation.
  • Ask your friend if any of your evaluation of the object is correct.

Step 2: Develop Your Intuition

Intuition is defined as knowing information immediately without prior knowledge. Also known as a gut feeling, it’s like entering a room full of people and knowing right away that you’re going to have a good or bad time.

Each time you have a gut feeling about something or someone, write it down, then figure out later on whether or not your intuition was right. The more correct instances that occur, the more in tune you are with your intuition, and the closer you are to having retrocognition abilities.

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