list of psychic abilities

A psychic ability, a supernatural gift or psychic power if you will, is the talent or skill to mentally go beyond the physical world into the energetic or spiritual world in order to accumulate a vast variety of different information that one cannot perceive with his or her ordinary human senses. Let's break this down.

Since the very beginning of the human era we have been interested in the supernatural. Evidence can be found in all different cultures going back thousands of years. Our ancestors were not the only ones bright enough to comprehend that there is more than meets the physical eye.

Psychic abilities have been exploited by all of those lucky enough to have them and grasp them and rightly so. It is a fountain of answers to life’s biggest questions and it keeps us on the edge of our seat.

Certainly, not everyone is lucky enough to obtain these types of psychic abilities. There are many different kinds of psychic powers, some more common than others and others more popular than some. Below we will list and further explain 20 of the most frequent psychic senses known to man. Find out if you possess one.

First off, we will start with the six clair senses, individually known as a “sixth sense”.  A psychic is believed to posses either one or more of them. Some of the “clair” senses typically belong to a psychic medium who should not be mistaken for a psychic. A psychic medium is a person who is able to communicate with the deceased contrary to a psychic who is not and get info from spirit guides.

List of  Psychic Abilities

1. Clairvoyance

The literal meaning of the word “Clairvoyance” is “clear seeing”. Having this ability means that you are able to mentally or physically see images, spirits, objects or other entities that cannot be perceived with our two physical eyes.

2. Clairaudience

Otherwise known as “clear hearing” is the ability to hear either voices of spirits or entities or to mentally hear recordings of events or conversations that have already taken place or will take place in the future.

3. Clairsentience

Clairsentience is another word for “clear sensing” meaning that the person who possesses this ability can feel or in a way “sense” whenever a particular happening or event will occur. Other times they are able to sense a specific type of communication coming from a spirit or entity.

4. Clairgustance

This is the ability to “clear taste”. It enables the psychic to taste something specific  connected to the energy of the person or event they are trying to tap into. On other occasions a medium could be able to taste certain things that are connected to the spirit they are trying to channel.

5. Clairalience

Much alike to clear tasting, “Clairalience” means “clear smelling”. Often times a psychic will possess both of these abilities.

6. Claircognizance

Claircognizance is described by psychics as a gut feeling. Similar as to whenever you have a hunch about something, an intuitive knowing of what is about to happen.

Other kinds of psychic powers

7. Channeling

Channeling is the practice of communicating with the spirit world. Those who possess           the ability to channel are better known as “mediums”. Their skill is one of the most rare, popular and most sought after of all psychic abilities. Psychic mediums can help bring closure and healing to those in great grief.

8. Aura reading

Some psychics have the skill to physically see the electromagnetic field all living beings on this planet give out. It is an energy field that produces lively colors and vibrations that reflect our physical, mental and emotional state of being. The aura cannot be perceived with the naked eye but it can however be photographed by special equipment or perceived and analyzed by a genuine psychic.

9. Astral projection

Astral travel or the practice of an out of body experience means to find oneself travelling through the universe without the physical body holding them back. A feeling or sensation as if the consciousness or soul treads out of the body in order to visit different realms. Although some claim to have experienced this whilst under hypnosis it is believed to be a psychic skill.

10. Divination

Divination is a way of gaining insight into a situation or for instance to predict future events. Because divination is not actually a psychic ability but is commonly utilized by psychics we decided to list this type of foretelling as well. After all, you most certainly need a very particular set of skills to be able to exercise any of the commonly used instruments. Because divination uses a variety of tools of we will list some of them below;

  • Tarot cards
  • Runes
  • Crystals
  • Pendulums
  • Tea leaves
  • Crystal ball
  • Ouija boards

    11. Energy healing

    Energy healing is an alternative way of treating ones mental or physical illness by the use of healing energy. It works by restoring the body's energy field to contribute to better health.  The healing energy is usually transmitted by the hands of a practitioner but it can also be done from a distance.

    Energy healing is used in different forms such as Reiki, Crystal therapy, Therapeutic Touch (TT), Chakra healing, acupuncture and more.

    12. Telekinesis

    Telekinesis is the ability to influence matter from a distance by using the power of the mind to move objects. It works by controlling powerful energy in order to force or direct objects into the desired way of the practitioner.

    13. Telepathy

    Telepathy requires a powerful mind in order to send images or thoughts to a living receiver without the help of verbal communication, electronics or other technical tools. Because even our thoughts hold vibrational energy, it is believed that Telepathy works by sending out these vibrational frequencies. As with all psychic abilities, the difficult part lies in knowing how to use your energy in an effective way.

    14. Automatic writing

    By using automatic writing or “Psychography” a psychic will document all information that comes from his or her subconscious mind while being unaware of the act of writing things down. Some psychics describe the act as if being in a trance like state of mind, very much like channeling.

    15. Psychometry

    Also known as psychoscopy or object reading, is the capacity to read residual information from any sort of item, object or body by using the sense of touch. Using the hands to physically touch the object triggers mental impressions which can reflect the history or past whereabouts. For instance, a psychic can use either pieces of clothing or jewelry etc. in order to obtain information about the living or deceased.

    16. Scrying

    Sometimes called “peeping” is done by staring into a smooth surface like a crystal ball, pool of water or mirror in order to “see” images of the past, present or future. Scrying has been used for centuries, mostly by prophets or fortune tellers.

    17. Remote viewing

    Remote viewing is quite similar to Clairvoyance but often times the images are less vivid and seem to resemble more to an outburst of scenes playing in front of the minds eye. The viewing usually happens without control and at any given time without the “viewers” consent.

    18. Precognition

    Sometimes referred to as prescience is the ability to see future events take place in the form of visions, flashes or dreams. It is the knowledge of knowing what is still to come by using extrasensory perception.       

    19. Retrocognition

    Retrocognition is similar to precognition but the only difference is that the seen images usually contain information of past events instead of future happenings.

    20. Psychic surgery

    Psychic surgery is one of the least practiced psychic abilities but nonetheless it is still used in todays society. This type of surgery should only be exploited once all other resources were exerted. It is believed that the practitioner is able to spontaneously heal the disease or ailment by using a pain free, no-hands method to interfere with the human body. Skeptics think this type of surgery could work by creating the so called placebo-effect.

    The above listed superhuman abilities were documented during centuries of research and practice. The decision to believe in whether psychic abilities are real or not is yours.

    That being said, we hope this guide is useful for educating yourself on the most frequent psychic abilities and that you find it as fascinating as us to learn about the power of energy and the human mind. If you seek for clarity you should talk to a psychic now. Just click the button below.


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