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Customer Account

How do I sign up for a Psychic Wall account?

To sign up for a Free Psychic Wall account, simply click on the sign in button on the menu bar (right):



That’s it! you will be taken to your account page, and a confirmation email will be sent to you.


How do I Book A Reading?

Find a spiritual worker you want to book and click on Book Now button


You will be redirected to the Book Online form where you can choose preferable date an hour of your reading. After clicking preferable date and hour of your booking click on Book Now button.


You will be redirected to the cart where you can make sure you got everything right and you can finalize your Booking with clicking on a Proceed to Checkout button.


At checkout you enter you billing details and pay with Paypal. Before paying you have must and accept terms&conditions.


After paying you will see the confirmation of your booking. Also you will get a confirmation email of your order. On both Pay attention to the email, there will be important Information in it, such as how to get in contact with spiritual advisor you booked on the day of your booking. See pictures below to learn where to find the information on the last step of your order.


Important Information can also be found in confirmation email:


How do I pay for a Reading?

The only option for now is PayPal.

I have Booked a reading. Now What?

After you have paid for a service. You should get confirmation email with all the details how to contact the person you have booked.

If you did not get it please contact us on

I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

To reset your password, first click on the Login / Sign up button on the menu bar:


On the login / Sign up page, click on the “Forgot Password” link:


On the next page, enter in the email address that you used to sign up for Psychic Wall, and we’ll e-mail you a password reset link.


If you don’t receive the password reset link, try checking your spam folder. If that doesn’t work, you can always get in touch with us at and we’ll be happy to reset your password for you!

How do I update my personal details? (Name / Social Accounts / Biography)

To update personal details, such as your name, biography or to connect your social accounts,

first login with your account, and click on the dashboard button:


On your account dashboard page, click on the Update Profile button:


On the following page, you will be able to update your information. Be sure to hit save when you’re done!


How do I update my billing details?

To update your billing address and details, first login to your Psychic Wall account.

Then click on the Dashboard button on the menu bar:


On your Dashboard page, click on the Billing Details button to edit:


On the following page, you will be able to update your billing address information. Be sure to hit save when you’re done!


What is advisor Time Zone?

Find the time difference between several cities with the Time Difference Calculator. Go here

Provides time zone conversions taking into account daylight saving time (DST), local time zone and accepts present, past or future dates.

For current time anywhere in the world, please use The World Clock.

Listings / Advisors

How do I submit listing on Psychic Wall?

If you offer service we are promoting on Psychic Wall (psychic readings, tarot readings, psychic medium, life coach and other spirituality related services) than Psychic Wall directory is for you.

We have prepared several packages to best suit your needs, and to get your business on our directory, simply click on the Submit Listing button on the menu bar and choose the package. Before choosing the package check Planes & Pricing.




On the next page, fill in and submit the business sign-up form, and someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly!



Alternatively, if you would like to just get in touch with us directly about listing your business, feel free

to send us an email to and we’ll get back to you!

Requirements to be listed on PsychicWall?


  1. You must use your real FIRST and LAST name.
  2. You must upload a photo of yourself (no sunglasses or masks).
  3. You must own a real website representing yourself and your work (optional).
  4. Your website must present you as a spiritual worker such as psychic, medium, medical intuitive, tarot reader, etc.
  5. You must agree to accept emails from
  6. You must NOT offer “curse removal” or “spell casting services.” on
  7. reserves the right to refuse approval for other reasons.
  8. Approval takes up to 48 hours.

If your listing is not approved after payment, you will receive a refund.


  1. You must use your real FIRST and LAST name.
  2. You must upload a photo of yourself (no sunglasses or masks).
  3. You must own a real website representing yourself and your work
  4. Your website must present you as a spiritual worker such as psychic, medium, medical intuitive, tarot reader, etc.
  5. You must provide a link from your website back to (click here for logo, banners)
  6. You must agree to accept emails from
  7. You must NOT offer “curse removal” or “spell casting services.” on
  8. reserves the right to refuse approval for other reasons.
  9. Approval may take up to 6 weeks. Once approved your listing will be live on directory.



Paid listing benefits
  1. Featured Listing (listed above free listings)
  2. Listed in multiple categories
  3. Display Video
  4. Website (optional)
  5. Display Website & Phone No.
  6. Display Social Profiles
  7. Display Hours Of Business
  8. Take Bookings Online (optional) – Fee Applies
  9. Receive customer reviews
  10. Add cover photo
  11. Add Image Gallery (up to 4 pics)
  12. Display Map
  13. Edit your listing

More info in “Requirements to be listed on PsychicWall?” section.

Free listing benefits
  1. Listed in one Category
  2. Website (must!) – Reciprocal Link required
  3. Display Website
  4. Display Hours Of Business
  5. Take bookings online (optional) 30%
  6. Receive customer reviews
  7. Add cover photo (=Profile Picture)
  8. Display Map

More info in “Requirements to be listed on PsychicWall?” section.

What do we and our website do for you?

Our website is all about spiritual workers promoting themselves and offering their services. We make sure you are seen by boosting our website and offer a feature to sell your product and for clients to be able to book and pay you in advance.

A reciprocal link is an agreement between two webmasters to provide a hyperlink within their own website to each other’s web site. Generally this is done to provide readers with quick access to related sites, or to show a partnership between two sites.

Listing description

You have to write a good “About you” description that captures all about who you are and how you work.

It is professional from any business point of view to let clients see who they will come into contact with upon booking your services. There for we encourage you to upload your own profile picture, not some random art. We take spirituality serious it is a different form of counselling, as important as any other counselling occupation.

How much do you have to pay to be listed on our website?

Payments depend on what program you will choose. There are different fees for each program you choose and each program has different percentage from sales. However PsychicWall also offer Free option (More info in “Requirements to be listed on PsychicWall?” section.).

How do I pay for a Listing?

The only option for now is Paypal (monthly subscription).

I notice my business is already listed on PsychicWall. How do I claim my listing?

We sometimes add businesses directly to our directory.
If you notice that your business is already listed on Psychic Wall, you can easily claim your listing by going to clicking on the Claim Listing button on the listing.


After clicking on the Claim Listing button, fill in the form that appears, and we will get in touch with you!

Note – In order to claim your listing, you must have a Psychic Wall account (It’s FREE) – This is how we link the listing to an owner.

When your business listing is claimed you will be able to edit listing details like opening hours, featured images, location, categories and tags (only with paid option).

Alternatively, you can always get in touch with us directly at, and we’ll help you claim your business.

Please Note – If you find your listing on our website and you do not want to be listed please send us an email at with link to the listing in question and we will remove the listing. Thank you for your understanding.

How do I edit my business listing?

Please Note – ONLY PAYING CUSTOMERS CAN EDIT THEIR LISTINGS! IF YOU OWN A FREE ACCOUNT YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO EDIT YOUR LISTING BY YOURSELF. In this case please send us an email to with a link to your listing and all the changes you want to make. It can take up to 30 days for the changes to take place.

If you own a business that has been listed on Psychic Wall and you have already claimed your listing,

you can edit your listing by going to your Dashboard:


On the Dashboard, click on the My Listings button:


On the next page, your listings will be shown in a table, click Edit on the listing you would like to change:


On the next page, you will be able to edit your listing details, including your listing’s cover image, gallery

opening hours, location, contact details as well as upload a video cover for your business:


As always, if you need help with editing your listing, you can always reach out to us at


The map on my listing is incorrect or doesn’t appear, how do I fix this?

Every listing includes a Google Map view. This map is generated from the address you have set as your business’s location:


If the map is displaying an incorrect location, make sure you have set the correct address on your business listing

to edit your listing, click on the edit listings button on your account dashboard

Benefits of Featured Listings?
  • MORE EXPOSURE and DIFFERENT COLOR: Featured Listings are listed on every page in the side bar column. Featured Listings are located above free listings
  • LOWER COMMISSION: Check Plans&Pricing page to see commission fee (optional – if the owner is taking bookings or sell anything through our website)
  • HIGHLIGHTED LISTING: Featured Listings are highlighted in purple.
  • PROMOTE WITH VIDEO: Featured Listings can add a YouTube video to their directory listing.
Can I write a Blog post

It si welcome for all advisors to write blog post on This way they can promote their listing at as we link all blog post to the advisor listing.


  • Every article will be checked with copyscape for its uniqueness.
  • The article must be at least 800+ words.

About the author will be added at the end of the article with the link to you listing at

How to submit an Event?


Everyone can submit an event on Fees may apply unless you have a package that include submiting one free event per month.

Please go to this link to submit your event. (will be added)

How do I cancel my Subscription?

To cancel your subscription you can do so by going to your Paypal Account. Go to Pre-approved payments and look for X-Finity PRO Inc. and cancel your subscription.

Check the Instructions:

STEP 1: Go to Settings

STEP 2: Click on Payments

STEP 3: Click on Preapproved payments

STEP 4: Look for X-Finity PRO Inc.

STEP 5: Cancel the Subscription

How Listing Owner gets Verified Check Mark?

When Listing owner is verified it gets a green check mark next to his/her name noting the advisor has been verified:


How to get verified: 

A Skype session is done with an Advisor, a series of questions is asked and a short presentation of your line of work is required.

How to Improve your Listing?
  1. Add good quality cover photo preferably of yourself
  2. Write good description about yourself, how you work, your fee etc.
  3. Write in Paragraphs. 1st paragraph is the most important. Make an impression.
  4. Use Headlines and Subheadings
  5. Write in first person
  6. Ask your clients to submit a review
  7. Get verified Check Mark
  8. Write articles and post them to our blog

Check good description here.

Online Bookings

Can I Receive Online Bookings

Yes you can. Once you choose your subscription plan you will be able to create a listing. After payment confirmation we will send you a link to the web form where you will give us all necessary information for creating booking product for you that will be connected to you listing. If you do not get email with a link to the online form you can find web form here.